Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Chunky chocolates

Call it a demon or devil, my house is under commotion when this is made. With everybody moving in and out of the kitchen, mornings are never the same. My baby wakes me up early, and I can see her standing up a stepper reaching for these chunkies  in the fridge. Every time I make this, I promise myself not to make this again, but I end up doing it for friends. So for all my friends known and yet to be known, and to all who have asked for the recipe. Here is the recipe for my commotion chocolates.


Plain chocolate chopped - 350 g

Unsalted butter - 115 g

Condensed milk - 395 to 400 g

Digestive biscuits, broken - 225 g

Raisins - 50 g

Dates, roughly chopped - 115 g

Hazelnuts or Almonds, roughly chopped - 50 g

  • You can use any type of chocolate for this - bitter or semisweet.
  • For somewhat good looking as well as creamy chocolates, go for cooking chocolates with 75% range. 
  • Nuts can be anything, but make sure the total quantity is not less than the total amount of all the nuts mentioned. 
  • Arrowroot biscuits can be a perfect replacement for digestive biscuits, if that is the taste you are used to.   
  • You can yield a much bigger slab of chocolate than shown in the picture with the ingredients mentioned. 

Line a cake tin with clear film.

Melt the chocolate and butter in a large heatproof bowl over a pan of simmering water. Stir until well mixed.

Pour the condensed milk into the chocolate and butter mixture. Beat with a wooden spoon until creamy.

Add the broken biscuits, raisins, dates, and hazenuts or almonds. Mix well until all the ingredients are coated in the rich chocolate sauce.

Tip the mixture into the prepared tin, make sure it is pressed well into the corners. Leave the top craggy. Cool, then chill until set.

Lift the cake out of the tin using the clear film and then peel off the film. Cut into bars and serve at once.


  1. i love this kind of chocolate, which we can mix and make... looks so yum... i really understand how kids can be in the kitchen! our fridge door is most of the time open with two heads peeping in to see if they can pull out anything... hehe...

  2. Wow! Looks perfect and delicious Sebeena :-)

  3. Love this chocolate. Its too delicious.

  4. Oh yummy! I love such quick, delicious recipes!

  5. Almonds,hazelnut and condensed milk OOOO....I am loving it.No wonder ur lil one wants it :)

  6. Prefect chunky chocolates for me, would love to munch anytime.

  7. oh wow... absolutely love it...



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